The Bike Line – Trek Bicycles

The Bike Line – Trek Bicycles

Today, The Bike Line is owned by Charlie, Bill and Jimmy Revard, and specializes in Trek Bicycles, of Waterloo, Wisconsin. Bike Line takes pride in featuring the best selection of Trek bikes in the area.

“From day one The Bike Line has been a Trek dealer. Trek is the best at standing behind their products, we honor that because we stand behind out customers one hundred percent,” said Bill Revard.

Beginning in 1976, Trek bicycles have become one of the biggest bicycle manufacturers in the world. They solely believe in their bikes and they way their bikes are manufactored is to make sure the world is becoming a better place.  Being the first manufacturer in Wisconsin to switch entirely to renewable electric power, Trek practices their actions to be sure that their company and employees reflect their better-world goals.

The Bike Line offers year-round group rides on Thursday nights and, in the off-season, yoga classes on Monday nights and power-based cycling classes on other weeknights, all of which will continue at the new store in Carmel City Center. They are also active in the Carmel community by participating in Tour de Carmel and other charity ride events.

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