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You’ve binge watched Marie Kondo…NOW WHAT?

Most have jumped on the Marie Kondo de-cluttering bandwagon and you’re probably asking yourself “now what?”

Now it’s time to put all of you’re beloved, “joy sparked” items to use! Sparking joy and building a functional wardrobe NEED to go hand in hand! While I am a huge fan of purging one must also have the essentials to complete their wardrobe!

NBW March imageDoes it bring you joy?

Before you toss another item, I need to point something out. A white tee shirt doesn’t bring you joy but everyone should own one. Those 4” Louboutin’s probably bring you joy, but when is the last time you actually wore them? Wearing spanx most certainly does NOT spark joy but there is a place for it!

Sparking joy and having a functional wardrobe may not cross paths but you can have both!

If you’ve de-cluttered and are currently “stuck”… it may be time for an NBW Power Hour Plus session! Utilizing what’s in your closet I will put together outfits that fit your lifestyle, coloring, body type and goals!

Enjoy $15 off all Power Hour Plus Sessions in the month of March when you mention “Carmel City Center Newsletter”.

For more information and booking visit

by Nicole Busch, owner of NICOLE BLAIR WEAR
Personal Brand & Style Expert
*Located within the Pure Concepts Salon at Carmel City Center



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