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your foolproof guide to getting dressed

I hear all the time, “I used to have great style!”  Whether you’re a Mom, a CEO, approaching your 40’s or all of the above, you’ve probably said (or at least have thought) that before. Let me tell you, you’re not alone!

Here is what happens, in our 20’s our body is tight and perky, we have fake confidence and let’s be honest we also have NO clue about life.  In our 30’s we find our self…or at least the beginning stage of who we are.  Then we hit 40+, and we become the confident person we thought we were in our 20’s. We are more aware, more confident, and put up with far less! AMEN to that!

But now we wonder, what happened to my style? Who am I? And how do I dress? So, we spend hours trolling Instagram, following bloggers who look NOTHING like us, feel bad about ourselves and our ever-changing body. Skip over to Pinterest in hopes we will find something there and then the cycle starts all over…

“I used to have great style”
“I have SO many clothes but _________”
“I don’t like anything in my closet”
“Nothing fits”
“It used to fit differently”
“What happened to my body”
“Ugh, I’m so frustrated”

And the list goes on and on!

There are THREE things EVERY woman needs in order to up her style game and change her life:

  1. Body Type Assessment: understand what your body type is and how to dress for it.
  2. Style Personality Assessment: learn your core style and two substyles. (This makes getting dresses in the morning SUPER easy and it reflects who you are!)
  3. NBW Fashion Formula:  this is a foolproof dressing formula that will CHANGE your life!

So, what is the NBW Fashion Formula? It’s your new secret weapon to looking and feeling fabulous (you’re welcome!)  It’s the power of 3: a completer, a basic and an interest piece.

Completer piece= jacket, cardigan, belt
Basic= basic top, pencil skirt, jeans
Interest Piece= color, pattern, texture, shine

Top it off with accessories and you’ve got an NBW Approved Outfit!

Here is an example of my NBW Fool-Proof Fashion Formula:
(side note this outfit won me best dressed at the Wine, Women, & Shoes 2019 event)

The epitome of a the NBW Fool-Proof Fashion Formula:

Completer: Denim Jacket
Basic: My not-so basic tee
Interest Piece: Metallic Crinkle Skirt (has texture & shine)





I challenge you try my NBW Fashion Formula and see what magical outfit you bring to life from your very own closet. Be sure to tag me in your post @nicoleblairwear #NBWstylesyou.

Remember, I’m always here for you! To discover your own confident style visit 

For more style tips follow us on social media: @nicoleblairwear

by Nicole Busch, owner of NICOLE BLAIR WEAR
Personal Brand & Style Expert
*Located within the Pure Concepts Salon at Carmel City Center


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