Tax Changes and Your Retirement


Guardian Wells FinancialAre you confused about how the recent tax changes will affect your retirement? Jason Hutchins, president of Guardian Wells Financial, located along Rangeline Road in Carmel City Center, can help you plan your retirement, keeping the tax changes in mind.

“As the founder of a financial retirement planning firm, one essential element I focus on is customized retirement roadmaps. I build plans that clearly lay out for our clients how they’ll receive income once they’ve retired and left the dependable paychecks through their decades of paid work behind. I am not a CPA or a tax attorney, but since I play such an integral role in creating how income will be structured, it is vital that I have full clarity to understand–and plan–up front how taxes will unfold on income that’s created. If we don’t take our time to prepare with tax forward planning, we can create tax traps down the line that may have been avoidable,” said Hutchins.

Once an individual has retired, their tax situation becomes more complex: there’s no W-2 payroll company to handle the withholding anymore. It can feel like you’re on your own. And this is where it gets really tricky, because depending on the source of the income, taxes can be different. For example, income from a pension, or from a traditional IRA is taxed as ordinary income. Social Security checks, in-and-of themselves are not taxed; however, based on income above and beyond Social Security, 50% or 85% of the income stream might be taxed. Factor in long-term/short-term capital gains and qualified dividends and you could have a real nightmare sorting out taxes in retirement.

And… to make this all just a bit more fun, tax law has changed for 2018!

Guardian Wells Financial will be presenting several free 2-hour “Taxes and Your Retirement” classes throughout 2018, held at Indiana Wesleyan University’s north campus (Keystone & 96th). In addition, they are happy to provide a complimentary 6-page 2018 TAX CHANGES report that might bring some clarity to those who are uncertain about the tax reform.

The free report can be requested here:

More information about Guardian Wells Financial’s next Taxes and Your Retirement class can be found here:

Guardian Wells Financial is located at 722 South Rangeline Road, Carmel, IN 46032 in the lower level of Carmel City Center. Parking is available along Rangeline Road, in the underground parking garage accessible from Rangeline Road and City Center Drive as well as in the Veterans Way Garage.

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