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“Don’t be a carbon copy, be a limited edition” –NBW

If you know me- you know I love to help women build confidence! What you might not know is my why…

I used to lack confidence, and if I am really honest sometimes I still do. Sure I thought I had confidence, but I had fake confidence. Deep down inside I was insecure and felt less than. (Eek typing this and putting this out there is scary and vulnerable but it’s the truth!)

Styling by: Nicole Busch // Photography by: Emilee Winland

It’s through clothes and exploration of my style that I found my confidence and inner “this is me” voice! As adults we have a responsibility to help young girls & women- we need to build them up!

We ALL want to be accepted. We all want to be validated but in doing so, we shouldn’t loose ourselves!

So, I collaborated with the owner of Endeavor Boutique and will be selling this LIMITED EDITION muscle tee!

Styling by: Nicole Busch // Photography by: Emilee Winland

In a day where we idolize the Kardashians, bloggers and celebrities compiled with filters and the generation of being “insta-famous” let’s come back to reality and stay grounded.

Please share with your friends, nieces, daughters, and co-workers remind them- “DON’T be a carbon copy, be a LIMITED EDITION”.

Shirts are on sale at Endeavor Boutique through May 31, 2019. Limited quantities available ranging from size XS-XL.

Remember, I’m always here for you! To discover your own confident style visit 

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by Nicole Busch, owner of NICOLE BLAIR WEAR
Personal Brand & Style Expert
*Located within the Pure Concepts Salon at Carmel City Center

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