The AromaRoom

762 S. Rangeline Road /463-291-3489

The AromaRoom is a therapeutic Aromatherapy steam and Halotherapy (salt therapy) spa designed to help you inhale health and exhale stress. The Aromatherapy Steam Suites and Salt Chambers utilize essential oils to make each breath a transformative one. Guests can work with an Aromatherapist to help determine what oil, or combination of oils, will best address their needs from a large selection of essential oils of the highest quality.

The AromaRoom offers guests a completely private and customized therapeutic experience with the option of adding additional guests to a client’s private reservation. The Steam Suites and Salt Chambers are ADA accessible with the Aromatherapy Steam Suites able to accommodate up to six people per room, and the Salt Chambers are available in four, three and one person rooms.

  • HOURSMon-Thurs: 10am-7pm | Fri & Sat: 10am-8pm