Nature’s Karma – A Full Chocolate Tasting Event

Nature’s Karma – A Full Chocolate Tasting Event

Chocolate is Joy! We have all experienced that phenomenon. Now, take a moment to follow the cocoa bean on its journey from inside the pod on a shaded tree to a delicious truffle or bar. It can stir the imagination as well as the taste buds. On Saturday, September 1 at 1:00 p.m. join Nature’s Karma for a Chocolate Tasting Class Event and learn why Organic-Fair Trade Single Origin chocolate tastes vastly different from other chocolates.

Presented by Chocolatier, Joann Hofer, during the class you will learn how to activate your senses, appreciate the nuances of taste and unique characteristics associated with the various regions where the chocolate is grown and harvested.  From the bean to the bar in a completely guided taste and make a tasting chart along the way through the class.

During the 1-1/2 to 2 hour class you will sample 10 different varieties of renowned Zotter Organic-Fair Trade Single Origin Chocolate and 2 truffles, handmade locally by Xchoco/’Art, as a gift to experience and share. You will also be able to purchase any of the chocolates you experienced at a special Natures Karma discount  at the conclusion of the Event.

And why not make a day of it! Before or after the event enjoy lunch at one of the many restaurant choices Carmel City Center has to offer and then join Nature’s Karma for a most unique, educationally delicious dessert experience!

The class costs $30 per person and spaces are limited. For more information and to sign up for the event contact Beth Meyers at beth.natureskarma@gmail or (317) 443-0130.

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