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Foundation Building

We’ve all heard the idea of building a solid exercise foundation. But what does that mean? Core strength? Sure. Aerobic endurance? Yep! Good posture? Definitely! Building a foundation consists of learning to understand your body and its deficiencies and compensations.

Building a foundation addresses the things we don’t like to address…our weaknesses. Research (and common sense!) tells us that we become less active at every decade in life. Our weaknesses grow in number and significance. If we continually address those deficiencies, we may not have to rebuild a foundation, just add little mortar here and there. But if we go years or even decades without regular exercise and activity, building or rebuilding a foundation will take time.

I don’t have to be a philosopher to tell you that often times the things that are most valuable take constant and consistent energy. Your education and career. Your marriage and family. Your health. These things all demand your time and energy and they are all worthy of it. Don’t rush your exercise when starting out or starting again. Spending some time to take off the parking brake will allow you to drive a lot faster, longer and with less wear and tear.

Want to find out where you stand? Don’t hesitate to email me at Until next time, Keep Moving!

by Brian Irk, IndyFit

720 S. Rangeline Road

The IndyFit method incorporates stretch, strength, and manual soft tissue work to achieve the best results. The trainers are qualified to help ease your aches and pains with rehabilitative touch as well as offer personal training to help you to achieve your fitness goals. IndyFit operates out of the Clubhouse of the Residences of Carmel City Center.



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