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Finding the right pair of jeans can take hours on your own. This is one of women’s biggest pain points!

If you struggle to find a pair of jeans let me tell you…you are not alone!

Here are a few things you need to know:

  1. Not all jeans are created equally
  2. Focus on FIT not labels
  3. Alterations are a girl’s best friend. Fit your largest part first, then alter.

Don’t have hours to waste finding the perfect jeans? Let’s me help! I offer body type assessments as well as personal shopping. Understanding your body type will help you learn where to shop and which designers fit your shape.

Remember, I’m always here for you! To discover your own confident style visit www.nicoleblairwear.com 

For more style tips follow us on social media: @nicoleblairwear

by Nicole Busch, owner of NICOLE BLAIR WEAR
Personal Brand & Style Expert
*Located within the Pure Concepts Salon at Carmel City Center



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