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The Palladium at the Center for the Performing Arts is just one of the architectural masterpieces visitors can interact with during a visit to Carmel. The architecture of Carmel City Center is reminiscent of what one would encounter in the great cities of Europe.

Carmel City Center was designed according to the highest standards of classical architecture. It is intended to demonstrate the architecture of a city built in the Georgian era that evolved over time to accommodate modern conveniences. Phase I of Carmel City Center features covered parking in the underground garage with retail, restaurant and office space at street and plaza levels, and residences located above.

After enjoying a performance at the Center for the Performing Arts, visitors should take a moment to explore the architecture of Carmel City Center. With its intimate outdoor living spaces and neighborhood touches, including fountains, planters, street lights, stone sidewalks, and brick paved streets, Carmel City Center seeks to incorporate elements that give the development human scale. The James Building, located across Center Green from the Palladium, features architectural reliefs of musicians, dancers and comedy/tragedy masks alluding to the use of the building, which houses the Tarkington Theater and the Studio Theater.



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