Eggshell Bistro

51 W. City Center Drive /317-660-1616

Eggshell Bistro’s culinary style can be best described as ‘global fusion’—healthy, rustic, fresh and often creative. A unique range of culinary twists are displayed by its namesake—the egg…with supporting roles from sides, salads, soups and sandwiches.

COVID-19 Reopening Hours

Friday 8am – 1pm

Saturday, Sunday – 8am – 2pm

  • CUISINE :Global Fusion
  • PRICE :$12 and under / person
  • HOURS :Wed-Fri: 7am-1pm | Sat & Sun: 7am-2pm | Mon & Tues: Closed
  • HOUSE SPECIALTIES :Blue Bottle Coffee, Quintessential Quiche, Grilled Pancetta Crostini