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How to Turn Your Closet into a Boutique

With a few simple changes, you can turn your closet into a luxurious boutique-like space. Who doesn’t want to begin their morning in a planned out, cohesive closet? Here are our simple, top 10 tips to help you transform your closet.

  1. Start by editing your clothes. Remove all items that no longer fit or are from a different season.
  2. Update your hangers so that they all match.
  3. Display accessories so that they are within reach.
  4. Add wicker baskets for storage and/or dirty laundry.
  5. Fold and stack pairs of jeans.
  6. Display shoes in small vignettes.
  7. Add books and vases for visual interest. Don’t be afraid to hang necklaces on vases for a funky twist!
  8. Add a textured rug.
  9. Display bags in groups of 3.
  10. To further complete the space, update your lighting with a chandelier.

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by Nicole Busch, owner of NICOLE BLAIR WEAR
Personal Brand & Style Expert
*Located within the Pure Concepts Salon at Carmel City Center




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